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CreditEase Inclusive Finance, China’s leading loan advisory service provider, specializes in meeting the financing needs of micro and small business owners as well as individuals for purposes such as business startup, education, capital turnover or consumption. Based on big data, finance cloud and other innovative technologies, the company conducts in-depth research on target groups and recommends extensive, convenient and safe lending sources and channels accordingly.

CreditEase Inclusive Finance has built a strong nationwide network covering 255 cities (including Hong Kong), and rural areas in 20 provinces across China, which not only helps urban customers get non-collateral and non-guaranteed credit loans, or car and home mortgages, but also provides financial services to rural customers including farm products, machinery leasing, as well as supply chain financing counseling.

As the bellwether of the industry, CreditEase keeps exploring new path to develop inclusive finance by innovating products and services, creating and unlocking credit value so as to promote individual development and social progress.


CreditEase Wealth Management is the wealth management arm of CreditEase, and focuses on comprehensive global asset allocation services for high-net-worth individuals and mass affluent Chinese investors. It also offers a wide range of services such as investment immigration and international education advisory, and products across different asset classes including fixed income, private equity, capital markets, real estate and insurance. CreditEase Wealth Management is committed to providing high-quality products and services in line with customer needs and expectations, as well as helping to formulate comprehensive plans for wealth preservation and growth.

On December 14, 2016, CreditEase Wealth Management was named winner of the "Best Non-Bank Private Wealth Product" by The Asian Banker, a Singapore-based leading provider of strategic intelligence on the financial services industry.

On June 26, 2017, CreditEase Wealth Management won the inaugural award of "Best Wealth Management Firm of the Year" of China in the Independent Wealth Management category by AsiaMoney, one of the most respected publications focusing on asset management and the global capital market.


CreditEase is a leading FinTech conglomerate in China, specializing in inclusive finance and wealth management, including payment technology, marketplace lending, crowdfunding, robo-advisory, insurance technology, and blockchain products and services. CreditEase actively engages with global FinTech innovators through business incubation, commercial cooperation and investment. Better tech, better finance, better world.

Yiren Digital

Yiren Digital Ltd. (NYSE: YRD) is a leading online consumer finance marketplace in China connecting investors and individual borrowers. The Company provides an effective solution to address largely underserved investor and individual borrower demand in China through an online platform that automates key aspects of its operations to efficiently match borrowers with investors and execute loan transactions. Yiren Digital deploys a proprietary risk management system, which enables the Company to effectively assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, appropriately price the risks associated with borrowers, and offer quality loan investment opportunities to investors. Yiren Digital's online marketplace provides borrowers with quick and convenient access to consumer credit at competitive prices and investors with easy and quick access to an alternative asset class with attractive returns.

Toumi RA (Robo-Advisor)

A FinTech platform under CreditEase Wealth Management. Toumi RA (Robo-Advisor) is committed to provide one-stop services with lower cost and threshold for global asset allocation featuring specialized and customized functions, as well as convenience and transparency. Backed by the top-notch financial support and technological development team, investors can expect maximizing returns through the system, which builds cross-border, multi-asset ETF portfolios by taking individual objectives, capital situation and risk preference into consideration. The system monitors global stock, bond and real estate markets in real time and rebalances accounts automatically.


YiQiFin is an innovative cloud-based FinTech platform, built on CreditEase’s big data-base and experience in risk control and financial management in the past decade, to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs. Featuring convenience, security, controllable risks and open source, the system provides integral services to meet SMEs’ needs in investment, financing as well as financial management.

The YiQiFin products include: YiQiRong, one-stop industry chain financing solution provider; ShangChaoDai, supermarket supplier lending service; YiQi Wealth Management for companies and employees featuring cloud-computing and mobility; Cash Compass, cash-flow and budget operation manager; and Fingertips, a cloud-based reimbursement tool.

CreditEase FinTech Investment Fund

Founded in February 2016, CreditEase FinTech Investment Fund (CEFIF) is a venture fund investing in growth-stage FinTech companies in China and global markets. CEFIF has an equivalent of USD 1 billion in total committed capital. The fund has formed strategic partnerships with global leading venture capital investors to discover opportunities in five sub-segments within the domain of FinTech: Lending, Payment, Personal Finance/Wealth management, Enterprise Solutions and Insurance. The fund has made over a dozen investments since launch, among which are Tradeshift, a cloud-based buyer-supplier network; Circle, a blockchain-based payment application; Trumid, an electronic trading platform for the bond market; WeConvene, an online corporate access management and ERP provider for capital markets; WorldCover, an innovative peer-to-peer insurance network; Nav, a personal and business credit reports and monitoring service provider; and Addepar, a financial services technology provider.

CreditEase FinTech Funds Other Funds

CreditEase Bocheng Insurance Agency

CreditEase Bocheng (NEEQ:870032) is an insurance agency providing specialized, customized and intelligent insurance services. The company offers “face-to-face” insurance asset allocation, health and annuities insurance, as well as insurance trust services tailored for high-end customers. Bocheng’s internet insurance services are increasingly accessible to middle class, young white-collar workers and rural population. Its corporate services include tax preferential health insurance service and family plans for employees.

Based on an online test and comprehensive big data analysis on customers’ needs, affordability, adaptability and price concerns, Bocheng’s “Smart Insurance”, launched in 2016, is able to recommend insurance plans covering life, major diseases, education and aged care, which can be purchased with just one click.

An NEEQ-listed company since December 19, 2016, Bocheng runs a Beijing headquarter and 19 domestic branches, currently providing over 3,000 products in partnership with nearly 50 insurance companies. The company seeks to better serve customers with continuous efforts on FinTech applications and internet insurance.