CreditEase launched YiQiFin, supply chain financial service for SMEs

BEIJING, July 21, 2016 -- CreditEase officially announced the launch of YiQiFin, a cutting-edge fintech platform, at the 4th China SME Investment & Financing Expo (SME IFEX) on July 20 in Beijing.

CreditEase took part in the exposition as a strategic partner ofChina Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME), a co-organizer of the event.

As a pioneer in inclusive finance, YiQiFin illustrates CreditEase’s ambition to tap into the “blue ocean” of China’s financial market by targeting the underserved needs of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to upgrade their business by providing a comprehensive range of services from financing to internal management support.

YiQiFin focuses onenhancing clients’ business capacity across a range offunctions for payments, wealth management, internal financial management and financing processes.

Under an innovative model that integrates elements of specific industry structures, supply chain, the internet and finance, YiQiFinis positioned to bea Cloud CFO to facilitate the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises which are experiencing financing difficulty due to limited financial capacity.

Based on big data analysis of financing practices of SMEs and the 10yrs+ financial management experience of CreditEase, YiQiFin provides a variety of products to serve all touch points in industry and supply chainswithefficiency, security, transparency and risk control ability.

Ø YiQiRong offers one-stop, all-round financial support services along industry and supply chains. Using credit analysis and working capital gap calculations from upstream and downstream suppliers, the system simplifies and expedites the loan approval and drawdown procedures. Combining withCash Compass, YiQiRong ensures transparency and flexibility that help reduce overall costs.

Ø ShangChaoDai offers loans exclusively to micro, small and medium-sized supermarket suppliers in order to solve their financing difficulties, using big data from the stable and controllablesupply chains that exist between supermarket chains and suppliers. Moreover,thissystem helps improve clients' capabilities in capital planning, payments and wealth management when combined with YiQiFin's YiQi Wealth Management and Cash Compass services.

Ø YiQiFin Wealth Management provides customized services to companies, company employees, executives and directors, to meet their demands for capital security, capital mobility and higher yield.

Ø Cash Compass provides multiple-bank account management services by incorporating inter-bank and the third-party payment options so that clients can operate cash flow and manage budgets with higher efficiency and lower cost. Meanwhile, this cloud & mobile-based cash management service can be integrated with other YiQiFin services, in particular YiQiRong and ShangChaoDai, to help SME clients further deepen cash management capacity and sustain working capital growth.

Ø Fingertips is a reimbursement tool based on the cloud and mobile technology, and a professional and convenient cost-management tool for fast-growing companies.