Founded in 2006

January 2018, CreditEase Inclusive Finance won the “Best Social Platforms Communications” of Tencent Financial Marketing Award. In February, CreditEase Wealth Management also won “Outstanding Wealth Management Company in China” of Asian Private Banker.


January 2017, Mr. Ning Tang invited the most influential management master - Ram Charan to celebrate “2017 CreditEase Thank you Party” with customers together. In June, CreditEase Chief Brand Officer - Apple Lv was invited to 2017 Content Marketing Award”, CreditEase’s content marking case “Ode to Joy” receive the Golden Award.


January 2016, “Back to Wall Street” - Southern People Weekly Magazine reported on the cover page about “Yirendai” (NYSE: YRD) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In May, “CreditEase 10th Anniversary Celebration Strategies Sharing Party”, customers walked into CreditEase’s headquarter and celebrated with CreditEase together.


April 2015, Mr. Ning Tang attended “Lendit 2015” summit and shared ten valuable perspectives in terms of the Internet finance, also revealed CreditEase’s globalization strategies. In May, CreditEase showed “Yinrendai” report, which reached 5Bilion RMB in three years.


July 2014, CreditEase launched new version of “Yirendai” for leading P2P users to experience innovative changes. September, CreditEase’s Big Data Innovation Centre was invited to Peking University, shared big data financial algorithm and system practice. In December, CreditEase attended “Beijing P2P Association”.


March 2013, CreditEase Wealth Management’s Wechat service started, mainly for sharing latest information in terms of Wealth Management. In June, the founder and CEO of CreditEase, Mr. Ning Tang was invited to attend “Fortune Global Forum.” August, “Yinongdai” reached 50,000,000RMB to help farmers.


February, “Inclusive Finance No.1” public welfare micro-finance funds officially started. In July, “Yinongdai” won the “Outstanding Public Welfare” award for poverty alleviation and agricultural welfare project. December, CreditEase Wealth Management made its first appearance at FINEXPO, attracted great attention from wealthy class.


March 2011, CreditEase joined Promoting Committee for Inclusive Finance of CASME in charge of strategic development. In September, CreditEase launched “Xinyi Project” to help women to accomplish their entrepreneurship.


June 2010, Professor Peter Tufano, Senior Vice Dean of Harvard Business School, visited CreditEase to discuss P2P business models. In September, the founder and CEO of CreditEase, Mr. Ning Tang was invited to Peking University to interpret “Social entrepreneurship”. In the same month, CreditEase was also listed as one of the top 30 potential enterprises.


September 2009, CreditEase’s P2P sub-platform ”Yinongdai” was officially launched, allowed people to choose farmers on their own selections and completed the whole lending-process online.


June 2008, CreditEase launched “Zhuyedai (Loan to Help Business)”, provided basic credit loan products to small business owners. In October, CreditEase won the "2008 China Business Plan Competition" award, which hosted by University of Maryland, USA.


After one year researched, developed and tested, CreditEase P2P platform launched online in October 2007.


Founded in 2006: May 2006, CreditEase established and started to provide personal credit consulting and management services towards educational training institutions.